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Album "Second Row Kids" - 2021


Image of Album "Second Row Kids" - 2021

Released on November 5th 2021.


Moving On
The Ocean
Second Row Kids
No Daring Kind (feat. Joschka Brings)
Bloody Lips
Tiny Yellow Lights
One Try
Depth Of Your Lines
My Sins And What I Am Proud Of

Guitars and Vocals: Moe
Electric Guitar and Vocals: Laura Schiller
Bass, Synthesizer, Theremin & Vocals: Martin Schilde
Drums: Niklas Weber
Additional Vocals and Guitar on "No Daring Kind" and "My Sins...": Joschka Brings

Recorded and mixed at Watt Matters Studio Bielefeld.
Mastered at Amsterdam Mastering.
Artwork by Levin Mertelsmann, @diezeitheiltallewunder.jpg.
Printed and Manufactured by MSP Bielefeld.
Published by Prosodia Records